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At Technical Towers, we offer quality commercial and industrial concrete work. Professional Virginia concrete tower construction and foundation installation is our specialty. We handle everything from tank foundations to wireless communication towers and specialize in tank and tower foundations, as well as ADA compliant ramps and sidewalks. We have been delivering the best service and high quality results throughout Virginia and neighboring states for years including Wireless Communication Tower Foundations, Wind Turbine Foundations, Tank Foundations, Rebar Installation, Bolt & Template Installation, Monolithic Pier on Pad Foundations, and Site Work & Grounds Crew.
Country: United States

Heavy Load Specializes in Landing Crafts constructions. Landing Craft are sea going boats which are usually flat bottomed and a flat front with a lowerable ramp for easy loading and off loading of cargo. Landing Crafts are typically used for hauling Cargo, Trucks, Containers, Building Materials, Passengers and Cars. Many times a Landing Craft is the only type of vessel that can do the job of hauling cargo, vehicles and passengers between ports that do not have fully functioning or developed wharfs and docks. Large container lines must utilize smaller feeder vessels to forward containerized cargo from major ports of call to outlying destinations. These vessels are versatile and can land your roll on roll off cargo on a pier or right to the beach. Today they are more in demand than ever due to the world wide increase in development of remote sea shores, Island resorts and ocean side communities.
Country: Singapore